The theme of this blog is perspectives. How from one vantage point something is a problem from another it is an opportunity. Aid and Development tend to focus on addressing problems, Business looks for opportunity. While the articles and opinion pieces posted here look at the main strands and how these braid together into a viable way forward this page is about something more specific.

There is much discussion about the Diaspora but there is also a trickle of individuals who are coming to Africa to do business. I am not talking of corporations now but regular people looking for an environment in which to create something that they can see for themselves and have confidence is doing good in and of itself.

The projects that could fit into the above descriptions are everywhere and to many to consider but here is a list of specific small to medium size ideas I would be interested in working on business plans, feasibilities, trouble shooting, start up or just talking it over.

Fresh Produce: Small Grower production of Fresh Produce is feasible in many parts of Tanzania where irrigation is available. Such production will only take place however if effective marketing, transport and programming is done by intermediaries who have the capacity and organizational capabilities to do so profitably.

Fruit Concentrates: There is already a high volume fruit production sector based on small growers in Tanzania. This can be ramped up to scale for fruit concentrate operations to market to juice companies internationally

Livestock: As noted in a post on this site feedlotting and slaughter based on pastoralist production should be feasible and ethically synergistic with international markets if it is done to scale and with appropriate technology.

Mushrooms: The East African tourism requires mushrooms but only scattered small grower production exists in Tanzania. This production needs to be backed by a Mushroom input operator who can access appropriate spoor and other inputs as well as supply capacity and know how.

Herbs and Spices: The tradition of spice production is on-going but Tanzanian Agro professionals have not reorganized and restructured the sub sector for modern markets. Operations to buy collect and dry spices for export could reinvigorate and multiply available volumes.

Capacity Building:Capacity building by NGOs is already taking place but more is needed. Especially undertaken by industry professionals knowledgeable in market requirements.

Crab Boats: Tanzania fisheries are made up of small operators and some few big operators off shore. A boat building operation that designed a small but commercially viable boat that could both collect pots and deliver to a larger market could transform the sub sector.

Dhow Tourism: The Swahili Coast has a deep maritime tradition. This is marketable for tourism yet in Tanzania there are only lateen rig day sailers. Traditional boat building skills are still practiced. A charter, or set itinerary, dhow operation would seem a natural success.

Know Kongo: In history many countries have been aided by “junket” tourism. This project aims at developing a culture and conservation based tourism product for the DRC to be supported by development and peacebuilding interests initially to address and change negative preconceptions.

If anyone is interested in these please get in touch. My details are in contacts.