Elephant Survival Organization

Organization Profile

ESO in Short: Elephant Survival Organization is a non-profit actor that offers itself in partnership to like-minded entities in support of biodiversity that seek strategic support, local knowledge and promotion in Tanzania. ESO advises and delivers based on experience and strategic capability in the local environment.
ESO in Name: Elephant Survival Organization, sees the African Elephant as the iconic species in the present battle to preserve biodiversity. This is a serious fight in which the very character of humanities future lays in balance. Some agents of change are positioned on the front line in this battle. But these efforts need back up and strategic support. ESO prioritizes taking on tasks that contribute to saving elephants. But the range of those tasks can be quite wide as long as they fit the passion and purpose.
ESO in Law: Elephant Survival Organization is a company Limited by Guarantee which is a type of non profit. It was incorporated in January 2014. It is located in Arusha Tanzania.
ESO in Practice: Elephant Survival Organization develops partnerships with talented committed people with ideas that will bring change. We help them develop strategies, fit into Tanzanian legal frameworks, raise funds and promote their concept. This support is most often focused on start up.  
UAV Anti Poaching: ESO supports the start up of Bathawk Recon the UAV anti poaching surveillance plan in technical development, accessing authorizations and promotional support..
Tanzania Stakeholders: ESO supports and fundraises for the Private Sector Anti Poaching Initiative which is a stakeholder effort to develop multi sectoral support for the protection of biodiversity.
Concept Possibilities: ESO is in discussion with various NGOs and Associations to undertake development projects in support of communities affected by wildlife crime and encroachment. 
ESO in Experience: Elephant Survival Organization activities in Tanzania are led by Mike Chambers and Bernie Hewett. Between them they total more than 40years experience sorting out exactly those kinds of country specific and institutional relationship issues that plague conservation focused projects.
ESO in Relation: Elephant Survival Organization partners with selected initiatives and is creating a international network of support for these wildlife focused efforts starting with a 501 (c) (3) non profit in the States, Elephant Survival Inc, and following up with similar arraignments in Canada, the UK and Germany.
ESO in Support: Elephant Survival Organization has the expertise on the ground in Tanzania and gets compensation for expenses from its start up project partners. No profit, just reasonable reimbursement. When the new ideas are mature, partners can access fundraising options in the developed world through the affiliated non profits in Europe and North America ESO is setting up.
ESO in Spirit: Elephant Survival Organization is committed to the preservation of Tanzanian and African wildlife. We commit to strengthening and supporting projects and initiatives that work to that end. Even though our role is often in the background, we carry it out with all the passion of the committed.
ESO in Detail:  www.elephantsurvival.org     www.facebook.com /Elephant-Survival-Organization www.twitter.com/ESO_TZ        http://instagram.com/https://instagram.com/elephantsurvivaltz www.linkedin.com/company/bathawk-recon

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