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Advisory Services – Experiencial Input

In other sections of this site I have explained that I have a fairly extensive set of experiences which combine to a fresh point of view, perspective, on African development and more particularly Conservation. As noted in the Writing / Oped section of this site I take that point of view in journalism and I also write short stories (and autobiographic novels upcoming). Most immediately though I offer advisory services for Non Profit Boards and Advisory Panels, Investors, NGO and development projects.
Non Profit Decision Making : Larger Non Profits based in the developed world often find it necessary to manage operations and make decisions on their home territory. Good practice of course means that every effort is made to be fully informed.  The ‘perspectives’ noted elsewhere based on my experience could significantly help NGOs in this situation have fuller and more complete discussions based on the same input.
Non Profit Strategies: Similarly to discussing an activity which has taken place overseas discussing a plan to do something overseas requires a complete set of inputs. Especially at the strategic level it is advantageous having voices that draw on sound decision making AND people with educated intuitive input.
Development Partnerships: Larger entities such as offices of government or multi lateral institutions drawing up plans to undertake targeted development bring together wide ranging expertise. Such expertise may become more efficient or appropriate if the plan has input from the kind of experiencial input discussed here.
Conservation and or Agricultural Start Ups: NGO’s and private enterprise are coming up with Conservation and Agricultural development ideas all the time and they require the ideas to be written up into Strategies and Business or Operational documentation. I have a lengthy experience writing such plans and tailoring them appropriately to the situation.
Conservation and Agricultural Project Trouble Shooting: Both For-Profit and Non-Profit projects being set up in Africa often go wrong.  This may be a big obvious problem of an unseen influence. This latter is the more common. Figuring out the true nature of such issues can be quite difficult and explaining them similarly delicate. Once again, teams looking into such issues can contain financial experts and so on but it really is good to have someone who has already gone through the wringer and has the resulting “street cred”.


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