I provide consulting services in four areas. These are:

1.       Small Grower Systems
The expansion of African agriculture is being channeled by national and development forces into small grower production. I create small grower production systems based on market requirements. My specialty is not agronomics but rather appropriate structuring of groups to fulfill quality quantity product mix and compliance requirements. I take these assignments in East and Central Africa and expect to do considerable field work to create an appropriate plan.

2.       NGO Strategy Realignment
Strategic work requires a significant degree of understanding about an institutions outer workings and inner dynamic. Strategy Realignment assignments require travel to the Clients location and onto the ground to see how things work as well as discussions with staff, management and board. Write-ups need to be developed in some detail with an accompanying participatory process. I am available for work in East and Central Africa

3.       Representation
I provide representation services to UK, US and EU based International NGOs and Think Tanks to attend African based conferences and events. By being based in Africa and finding multiple clients for a particular event I can significantly lower the cost. It’s impossible to attend all the meetings one might wish to but with this service clients can cover a great deal of territory. I take prepared issues and can raise questions from the floor or find particular connections.
4.       Arusha Based Finance Documentations
I prepare Business Plans, Project Documents, Concept Notes and Financial Projections to Tanzanian clients in the Northern Zone. I do both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit assignments over a wide range of business types.

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