Op-Ed - Short Stories - Special Projects

Op-Ed – Short Stories – Special Projects

I make the point that a varied experience is a good foundation for strategic thinking especially as part of a team. As an individual it’s also an excellent basis for Op Ed journalism. The mainstream may read something one way but a bit of experience on the ground may colour a story quite differently.

This site is structured as a blog so there are plenty of examples of how this works, usually in 400 to 1000 word Op-Ed articles. The greater part of these were written for East African news and leisure publications. Some few were anonymous at the time.

During UAV operational trials there was a wider audience mainly in blogs and now the target is more mainstream and looking for more influential publications. Simultaneously the subject matter is expanding to a wider range and general Africa based stories.

The experiential ideas explained on this site and their application to gaining a different (though not necessarily more true) perspective also implies that the stock of original experience might have literary value, or at lease good story telling material. I hope this is the case as I will be submitting a small handful of travel type stories to travel and literary publications in the next few months which I hope will establish the variety and impact of these varying experiences.

The short stories are derived from the nooks and cranys of that stock of experience and I plan to establish some representation and when ready turn the main block into a set of four of five autobiographical novels.

Mission Statement:   My advisory, activism, journalistic and literary plans are all aligned and pointed in the same direction. I would like to establish a base of discussion and expression on Conservation and Biodiversity in Africa and expand on that into a wider, or more profound, range of topics that somehow rhyme with the extinction crises. Humanity has responsibilities. We need to talk about them. Voices with a slightly different take could be very helpful.

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