The Conservation Clock is Ticking

The first thing I do every morning is go online and check my search alerts. And almost without fail, I find news that our iconic species are in ever greater danger. Today I see Indian and West and Central African lions are being put on the endangered list. Historians tell us lions lived all through southern Europe and south western Asia in historical times. But it is only now, with lions and other iconic species looking at extinction in the face, that we are bringing our institutional, promotional and technical capabilities to their aid, rather than demise.
How to deliver that aid is a big question. It involves global trends, complex environmental issues and endless discussions between actors, in which compromise, rather than urgency, are the most accurate descriptor. And we can’t wait and develop a new and improved paradigm for bringing change, because in that delay, we will certainly lose them. Imagine the legacy of our generation being that we lost Rhinos, Elephants and even Lions, forever.
At Bathawk Recon, we have identified what we believe will be an effective, and eventually essential, anti poaching surveillance tool in our Big Ground Concept. This idea Read more should allow fewer rangers to cover greater stretches of ground, while also integrating them into solution oriented operations. There are a number of choke points on the wildlife trafficking market chain where strong effective solutions could make all the difference. We believe that our concept is one were concerted action will bring maximum effect.
So we get up every day and after noting the trend is ever more dangerous, we look at our task list and take the next step to deploy our part of what we see as the solution. We are small, but we have a good idea and we are very confident that we are the right people to get it done. It is a big issue, it is complex. Some parts are opaque, but not our part. Our part is definable, manageable, supportable and deployable. Our plans are laid out and ready to go.
The conservation clock for these species is ticking. Help us bring UAV anti poaching surveillance to the field with your donation. This is part of a solution that needs to be put into operation without delay. And we are working to deploy it. Everyday.


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